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Case Study: Interview with Clive Langley, Founder of Gotskill (formerly Skilltracker)

25 Jan 2018

How did Gustavino Capital first come across the Gotskill investment opportunity? Back in 2014, I had spent four years of my time focused on developing the concept and Skilltracker prototype to address a major technical skills (blue collar) mapping &…

Case Study: Interview with Stephen Winter, Founder of Nebo

19 Oct 2017

How did Gustavino Capital first come across this opportunity? This case is probably a bit different from the norm, as we didn’t actively go looking for someone like Ivan, as we had worked very closely with him over the years…

Does Venture Capital Suit Your Business?

10 May 2017

At Gustavino Capital, we have been surprised by the trend we have seen in early-stage companies who identify the need for a capital injection as the main impediment to their ability to grow their business. Having been involved in countless…